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Bisexual (not 100% sure yet), cisgendered female, white, pro-Israel, American.
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tell me How would you feel?

this, ladies and gentlemen (and all in between)

just take a moment to think about this for a second

while this is a very important set of graphics and very significant (however not entirely accurate: this is what israel/palestine looks like now , there was never an official palestinian state to take over. yes, there were palestinians in this area, and yes. the israeli government has done many horrible things like kick palestinians out of their homes in israel, and commit war crimes, but it’s not just that israel is taking over the middle east. israel was fine with the 1947 partition plan, but immediately after israel became a state, EVERY SINGLE ARAB COUNTRY SURROUNDING IT ATTACKED. the reason israel has/had the land it does/did is because they were attacked and they fought back and took over the land. there has never been a war that israel has started. yes, they have done horrible things in response that could maybe not be necessary, but it’s really hard to know if you’re not in the middle east right now. I promote peace but i don’t think that israel is completely to blame for these issues, and neither is palestine. both sides have done horrible things. but israel is not just a dictator/lording over the whole middle east

Zoe will be a queen. Zoe who walks in grace and dignity and barely strives to command respect as all willingly gift it upon her. Zoe who has never once lowered herself to “calling shotgun,” always given it for it is her place. Zoe to whom all listen and obey at the appearance of her ukulele. Zoe whose life of adulthood is unclear and not so respected in cities outside Portland. Zoe thank you for giving up your sole room and your time. Thank you for coming and brightening the trip.